From mastering the ropes of trading to learning how you can be actively involved in the markets; our Platinum course will help you understand what you need to become an informed and wise trader.
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Course overview

Topics covered will include:

Charting: Plan your entries and exits by finding supply and demand discrepancies on price charts.
Chart Pattern Formations: Identify and interpret pattern formations representing supply and demand areas.
Cryptocurrencies: This subject will tackle key areas of cryptocurrency investing. From their history to the different types of cryptocurrencies to blockchain.
Platform Tutorials: Find out how professional traders maximize trading opportunities using direct access terminals and Level II pricing data.
Risk Management: Familiarize yourself with proper risk management and the importance of using the right reward-to-risk ratios.
Technical Indicators: Determine which technical indicators can help improve your profit potential and which indicators don’t work for your analysis.
Timeframes: Learn why using multiple timeframes can help you better anticipate and understand trend formations in a larger setting.
Trading Mistakes & Psychology: Beginner or pro, learning traders’ common mistakes and how to keep your emotions at bay are an essential part of staying on the right track.
Trading Strategies: Learn different trading strategies and how you can use them to your advantage in trading currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and other instruments.


This eBook is suited to users who already have some basic trading knowledge. Here are some of the topics this guide delves into:

  • Researching and analyzing information related to trading different instruments
  • Finding your place in the financial market
  • Reading price action charts
  • The psychology of trading
  • Ensuring your investments stay profitable in the short and long-term
  • Building a portfolio stable enough to last for a long time

Education Materials

Gain your edge and a better understanding of the financial markets with our educational resources.

  • Beginner Trader Video Tutorials
  • Beginner Trading Strategies & Tools
  • Trading eBooks
  • Glossary


Familiarize yourself with key terminologies by browsing through our A-Z list of terms associated with trading and the financial markets.

Video Academy

Video Academy is a trading education platform where you can access a wide range of video tutorials designed by our experts to step up your trading.


Economic calendars showcased relevant events that will happen the next day, week, month, or quarter to help you trade the markets.

Market News (Newsfeed)

Our market newsfeed allows you to follow the markets using recent and past information that can help with your decision-making.

Daily Signals

You will also receive daily trading signals to help you determine ideal entry and exit points before the session starts.

Currency Forecast

Find out where a currency may be going next by following our expert forecasts, insights, and analysis for the currency market to help you trade more consistently while minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Market Updates

Market updates can help you with your trading by allowing you to review current and past trades no matter the time and place.

Market Watch Bonds

Market Watch will be your window into the trading world. Place your trades using the MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and choose your preferred instruments. From currency pairs to commodities to stocks to bonds.

Market Watch Commodities

Keep up with the global economy and stock markets. With our market watch stocks, you can get an overview of major world indexes, stock quotes, stock market data, and the newest market headlines.

Market Watch Currencies

View up-to-date foreign exchange rates and access the international forex. Be guided with expert forecasts, insights, and analysis for the currency market.

Market Watch Stocks

Keep up with the global economy and stock markets. With our market watch stocks, you can get an overview of major world indexes, stock quotes, stock market data, and the newest market headlines.

Consulting sessions included

Receive industry-standard information and practices through courses designed and conducted by professional traders.

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